Auto-Update SVN on DreamHost

07,07,2010 at 19:25 2 yorum

<![CDATA[I have been using Media Temple Grid Hosting service for a long while and tried to setup my own svn repo settings there but I didnt go so far on using that. I want my online site to be updated on every commit but I understood that MT doesn’t let your site to be updated instantly. You can use cron jobs service but this service will let your web site to be updated in every 5 mins.

So the solution came up with DreamHost. You will be able to update your site instantly and also you will realize that your site will be loaded faster.

Here are the steps to set your svn repo:

1. Go to Domains>Manage Domains and create a sub-domain (or domain) for your SVN repo, create a sub-domain (or domain) for your cgi files and create a domain (or subdomain) for your live site.

svn repo:
live site:

2. Go to Goodies>Subversion and create an SVN project.

Project Name & Project ID : gokselcom
Install to:
Users : user123 password123

3. Go to Goodies>Htaccess/WebDAV, select your cgi-subdomain you created before (mine is “”), hit “Set Up A New Directory” button and create a password protected folder for your cgi files.

Directory name: :
Password-protect this dir? : check
User accounts for this area: user345 password345

4. Download this rar file, extract it, edit and change the content of the cgi files according to your settings, upload them into your cgi folder ( using an ftp client(I use Cuteftp) and set the CHMOD of these files(.cgi) and folder(gokselcom) to 755 (Cuteftp : Right click to folder/files and select properties).

Note: “geryit” is Dreamhost root username, you should replace your own username there.

5. Upload post-commit file into /svn/gokselcom/hooks in your remote server via ftp and set CHMOD to 755.

6. Now you can login to your repo via Tortoise Svn or some other svn clients and make your first Checkout

SVN Url:
user: user123
password: password123

You can visit for more.



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  • 1. Anonim  |  27,08,2010, 21:45

  • 2. Piotr  |  27,08,2010, 21:45

    This certainly made everything easier for me. Thanks for writing this up. Highly appreciated.

  • 3. Anonim  |  27,08,2010, 21:45


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